The Graveyard

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The churchyard is open all year round and is an important part of the history and tradition of the local community. It is a very special place with gravestones dating from 1700. The graveyard is maintained by unpaid workers on Community Payback. As a church we are extremely pleased to collaborate with.the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Rehabilitation Company.

The links below will give access to a plan of the churchyard and to a searchable database of listed burials and interred ashes.
The plan is a large file to provide a high resolution for magnification to assist in the locating of specific numbered plots. It is divided into 4 sectors that relate to the database.
The database is in Excel format.
Cells 2 - 921 are plots on the sector plan. Cells 922 - 946 relate to those inside the Church. Cells 947 - 2213 have no known marked location in the churchyard.


All churchyards within the Church of England are governed by rules set out by the Chancellor of the Diocese to maintain the beauty and tranquility of their various settings. These regulations are very detailed. Click here for full details.

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Table of Fees